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Thailand Pass

Thailand is a popular destination for travelers in Southeast Asia. It is the most visited city in the world. Although the country still has strict entry requirements that travelers must be able to visit.

However, our Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Thailand will lift all requirements next month.

Covid 19 Test Result in THAILAND PASS

View a timeline of planned changes. What needs to be done to ensure that changes occur? as well as a summary of how to reach current travelers Restrictions on Access to Relief Timeline – Information for Travelers

Thailand can’t wait any longer

Because we decided to reopen the border during the first pandemic. Thailand has never been surprised to meddle with strict immigration requirements in an effort to attract more tourists. Last week there were many recent changes.

When the government lifts the requirement for travelers to have a negative PCR test result before they leave the country. This is a move in many countries in the past few months.

Songkran Festival 2022 in Thailand

However, our country will not stop there. Because the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Thailand continues to change the entry requirements. Although we rely on other countries to maintain the level in this case. Our levels are always low during Songkran next month.

if the patient is as high as expected?

The restrictions will be ready to continue for a long time.
The festival, which is Thai New Year's Day, is the largest holiday in the country.

Songkran is Thai New Year’s Day

The festival is known throughout the world for its splashing celebrations. It is the period when Thai people return to celebrate in other provinces. because the family may expand more

Officials have suspended water-related celebrations for the past two years. But the government asked people to get tested for COVID-19. Before going to this year's celebration I went back to visit my family

The Designated Hotel InThailand

If the number of infected people decreases after a public holiday The constraint change timeline is as follows:
May 1 – Replace the RT-PCR test on arrival with an antigen test kit (ATK) performed by a medical professional. This is a faster and cheaper test method.
June 1 – Cancellation of Test and Go and all programs for normal entry into the country.
Thailand's tourism and sports ministers are concerned that several neighboring countries have recently lifted immigration restrictions.

Street Foods in Thailand

Thailand started like Little Rabbit last year when we opened it to tourists. We cannot let the country lag behind because many countries are opening their borders and are less restrictive than us. "said the minister"

Travelers entering Thailand will need to apply online at for a QR code, to prove that they have all the necessary requirements such as vaccination against COVID-19 and stay in designated hotels as announced by the government.

Travelers can choose to participate through the Test and Go or Sandbox program. For more information on what it is like to visit Thailand today click here.

Latest News as of April 8, 2022:

  1. The registered website is currently open and accepting new applications for the Test and Go, Sandbox, and Quarantine entry programs. For up-to-date information and weekly updates regarding current Thailand travel restrictions, please visit the Weekly Updates for Thailand Travel Restrictions.
  2. Starting April 1, 2022, the mandatory pre-departure RT PCR COVID Test will no longer be required for all travelers to Thailand.
  3. YouTube Video showing you how to apply for the Thai Pass:
    Instructional Video for this program
  4. Travelers may join our Facebook Group to ask questions and read the latest developments:
  5. Step-by-step instructions on How to Book your Test and Go to Hotel through Agoda. is an authorized booking website for Test and Go packages for this program.
  6. Here are the Top 20 Questions on Thailand Pass we have received from our visitors from the week starting March 28, 2022.

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